Frequently Asked Questions

Do you use magnesium stearate? If no, what do you substitute with?

We do not use magnesium stearate.  Where needed, we use organic rice flour, natural silica (diatomaceous earth) or omega 3 powder (from flax seed).

Do you offer custom formulations?

Yes, a large portion of our business is making custom formulations, and we have a trained product development team to help you through the process. Learn more about our custom manufacturing options

Can I get a ranking of your product line?

Yes. That data is available and can be sent to you either by the the sales broker servicing your stores or by our customer service staff at our HQ out in Albuquerque, NM.

Are the products packaged in plastic or glass?

We only use glass bottles.

How do your prices compare?

Overall, our published wholesale prices are anywhere from 5% to 25% lower than the leading national brands across the marketplace.

Do you have proposed opening assortments, deals, and opening order discounts?

Yes. Opening order parcels and discounts are available, designed for small, medium and large retailers. Each assortment consists of top sellers from within 6-8 product categories.

Do you offer any educational training?

Yes. Trainings are available in numerous formats: phone hook ups with our National Educator, in-store staff trainings by our trained field force, and for large scale retail staff audience & attendance, trainings by our Founder/CEO are also available.

Do you help set the section, merchandise the line?

Yes. Our national broker force is fully engaged on an ongoing basis with store setups and re-merchandising efforts, as requested by our customers.

Are the products gluten free?

Yes, learn more about our quality control

How long are the products good for?

Check expiration date on the bottom of the bottle, generally 5 years.