Our People

Commitment. Down To A Science.

Meet Mitch Coven, CEO

I have been leading Vitality Works for over 35 years after having spent 17 years in clinical practice, teaching classes in clinical herbal protocols and compounding new formulations for worldwide distribution. And each day I love working with our organic growers, customers, national brands, stores and international networks more and more. 

Helping people get and stay well is a passion that continuously drives me, the successes are heartwarming. I still manage the sourcing of all ingredients because I believe the finished products can only be as good as the starting material. In the early days I was compounding formulas for my patients, one at a time, and last year Vitality Works compounded over 1 billion servings. It still feels like there is so much to do, so many products to develop for so many brands, plus an ever growing depth of knowledge that needs to be shared. 

None of this would be possible without our wonderful growers, suppliers, and especially our dedicated, smart and passionate employees who work to create great supplements to help all of us across the globe.

Meet Our Team