Frequently Asked Questions

What ingredients do you have?

We carry an incredibly large amount of raw materials from whole, raw herbs to vitamins, minerals, nutraceuticals, essential oils, homeopathics and carrier oils. Read more about the quality of our ingredients

What packaging do you have?

A lot! We offer a variety of sizes, colors, materials, and types of packaging. If you are interested in using a packaging component we do not currently carry, we can also source it for you. 

Can you do a sample run before I place a full order?

We cannot do sample runs for powder or liquid caps, but we can do prototypes for most other products. This varies from formula to formula so please contact product development for more information.  

Do you manufacture homeopathic products?

Yes, we do manufacture homeopathic products according to HPUS standards. Read more about our regulatory compliance

Can you make certified organic products and is there a fee?

Yes, we are an organic certified manufacturer through the Organic Certifiers. We can make your USDA certified organic products. We do not charge you extra for getting your product certified. Learn more about our compliance standards

Can my product be kosher certified and is there a fee?

Yes, we can get your products registered with KOF-K and make sure we only use kosher ingredients.  We offer this service free of charge. Learn more about all of our certifications

What is your order turn around time?

Opening order is shipped within 7 business days, all other orders are shipped within 48 business hours. 

How do I place my order?

Scan Genius, EDI, Order Dog, Phone, Fax, Email, or through your Broker.

Who pays for the label?

The label is free if you start with 60 items or more.  Easy to do considering you’re looking at liquid herbs, encapsulated herbs, essential oils, liquid vitamins and powders.

Are your capsules vegetarian?

Yes!  All of our products are vegetarian, most are kosher and vegan too.