Our Story

Nature. Down To A Science.

Our mission is to create efficacious and therapeutic herbal, vitamin and nutraceutical supplements to help people get and stay well. While the FDA defines minimum quality, we strive for the highest level of quality. Mitch Coven founded Vitality Works in 1982 as a wellness multi-disciplinary health clinic in Albuquerque, NM after years of study. After 17 years of teaching and clinical practice, he launched a line of the most effective formulations and single remedies from these years of hands-on experience.
36 years later, more therapeutic products have been added to the line over time to broaden how we can help people optimize wellness. Quality is at the heart of everything we do so we network with the best organic growers and suppliers across the globe. We use the most effective extraction processes on our freshly harvested botanicals, and do 100% testing on all raw materials.
Vitality Works also operates in an environmentally sustainable way, recycling, composting, reducing energy and water consumption in a conscientious way. Our dedicated and passionate employees strive to produce amazing products in an uncompromising yet affordable way so that these products are affordable and effective.
We continue to grow, currently expanding into a 145,000 sq ft facility on 22 acres of land overlooking the Sandia Mountains, but never sacrifice quality. It is our obsession to provide the purest, safest, highest quality supplements for you and your customers, always. It is our goal to play a part in the collective quest for wellness. 

Stronger. Better. Faster. Smarter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we see/visit your facilities?

Yes. Either by appointment or thru attending our annual Farms and Facility Tours, conducted annually for qualified customers, by invitation.

Where are all the products manufactured?

All our products are manufactured at our beautiful facility in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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